Fine Print


Changes to reservations within 24-hours of travel are subject to availability of services.

Green Shuttle accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged luggage.

Green Shuttle cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather, road conditions, or unforseen mechanical mishaps.

Transportation of animals (excluding assist animals) is prohibited. Pets are not allowed, even if they are in carriers.

Green Shuttle welcomes service animals used by persons with disabilities. An animal may accompany a customer with a disability in the vehicle, provided the animal can be accommodated without obstructing an aisle or other areas used for emergency evacuations. There is no fee for service animals.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations which are cancelled 24-hours prior to your trip departure time are eligible for a full refund. If you have purchased a round-trip, you may receive a refund for the return portion of your trip as long as it is cancelled 24-hours prior to the trip departure time for that portion of your reservation. Otherwise, payments are non-refundable, but may be applied to future reservations.

Baggage Restrictions

Each Passenger is allowed Two (2) checked pieces checked parcels/luggage, one (1) carry-on item, and one (1) personal carry-on item (i.e. purse, laptop computer). Children age 3 or under are allowed one (1) carry-on item only. If you exceed these quantities, you will be charged $39.00 for the 1st piece of excess luggage and $15.00 for each additional piece. In addition, you must notify Green Shuttle in advance in order to guarantee space for the luggage. Please indicate any excess luggage when making your reservation.

The maximum weight for any parcel/luggage is seventy (50) pounds (23 Kg)

The maximum size for any parcel/luggage is 60in L x 24in W x 36in H (152cm L x 61cm W x 91cm H)

On-Time Departure

The Green Shuttle is a scheduled service. We make every effort to depart on-time. For this reason, our drivers are instructed to leave on time. They will not wait for passengers who are not ready.

At The Airport

If you are traveling with us from the airport, please allow adequate time to retrieve your luggage and meet the Green Shuttle driver. Our drivers depart the airport on schedule. If you miss your scheduled departure, you are stand-by for the next available shuttle. However, we cannot guarantee space and availability for any trip other than the one for which you are scheduled. We realize that flights are frequently delayed or cancelled. While this certainly causes an inconvenience, our schedule cannot be adjusted to accommodate airline delays.Failure to meet your scheduled departure does not alter the terms of the cancellation policy, above.

Our drivers have no way to identify you at the airport. It is essential that you locate the Green Shuttle driver. Our drivers wear Green Shuttle uniforms. Our vehicles bear the Green Shuttle logo.

Airport restrictions prohibit our drivers from soliciting business. As a result, they cannot approach you to ask if you are traveling on Green Shuttle. You should approach them to let them know who you are.

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